Blend the rules

Pyrat is the spirit of exploration

Begin your dark rum sipping journey with Pyrat. A playful spirit with a hint of orange zest. Enjoy it on its own or mix it to create cocktails with exceptional depth.


Pyrat is an amber-hued blend of Caribbean rums aged up to 16 years and expertly crafted for richness and complexity. Our liquid features a burst of aromas that includes caramel, honey, molasses and orange peel with a palate that is delicate and smooth, almost sweet, with hints of fresh spices.


The Hoti is the zen protector and patron saint of bartenders. He evokes happiness, prosperity and good cheer to all. His story – and the story of rum – begins in Asia, where sugarcane was first distilled. Each bottle of Pyrat is imparted with his spirit and adorned with a collectible medallion in his image to honor the ancient origins of rum.